Caregiver Couples

Meet Keith and Dorothy Gabbett

Dorothy and Keith Gabbett are “people people”. Within the first moments of talking to them, this fact becomes apparent....

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Martha Meets Dolores

Last week, Martha, one of our Spanish speaking volunteers, met Dolores. Dolores is from Puerto Rico, and you would never guess that she’s been around for 104, yes, 104 years! Dolores loves to play dominoes. And in case you didn’t know, for Puerto Ricans, playing Dominoes is a skill learned…...

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We Hit The Jackpot When Bob Came Into Our Lives!

“We hit the jackpot when Bob came into our lives!” That was the first thing Shirley had to say about Bob, her ARCP volunteer. Bob visits with Shirley’s husband, Herman, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. On their weekly visits they read the newspaper together from cover to cover and they…...

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