National Family Caregivers Month – November 2022

Giving care is a difficult task. In November, we honor those who care for the millions of aged and sick persons who are friends and loved ones by compassionately giving them showers, cleaning their homes, shopping for them, and providing comfort. November is designated as National Family Caregivers Month, with the tagline “Caregiving Around the Clock.” Because you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself, look into the latest useful advice and local resources.


  • Even caregivers need love…Being a caregiver while working a regular job at the same time is demanding. Caregiving often goes unpaid. For our carers, National Family Caregivers Month in November offers resources for self-care, advocacy, and stress relief. Supporting caregivers while they take care of others is the focus of this month. “Caregiving Around the Clock” is the theme for this year.
  • Learn coping skills…Various critical resources are available during National Family Caregivers Month to assist caregivers in managing a demanding and perhaps thankless role. Tips for caregivers include maintaining your own health, accepting assistance from others, developing the ability to communicate effectively with medical professionals, and being receptive to new assistive technologies that can lessen your workload. Who will look after you if you don’t?
  • Assess your depressive symptoms…It can be devastating to watch a parent get older or to witness a significant change in a person due to disease. Spend some time keeping an eye on your own health. Speak to a professional about depression if you are having trouble sleeping, exercising, or feeling like you are becoming more withdrawn. Anyone can be affected at any time. Feeling overwhelmed is perfectly acceptable.

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