Meet Grace

Grace, CVCJ volunteer

What would we do without Grace Otto Kurak… we hope we never have to find out!  

Grace trained with Caregiver Volunteers on November 16, 2017 and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since.  Every time the Caregiver’s staff calls Grace, the phrase “I’ll do it” comes out of her mouth before we even finish the question.  Grace completes home assessments for our regular program, EZ Ride Program and Alzheimer’s Respite Care Program.  She transports multiple times per week, food shops, visits and provides reassurance calls to more than one receiver.  She is our go to person for last minute situations and has helped to coordinate getting our receivers and volunteers vaccinated. 

Grace always has a smile on her face no matter the circumstances put in front of her.  We are blessed to have the most dedicated group of volunteers, no words can express our gratitude to Grace and all the volunteers that help us support the seniors in our community.

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