Great is the victory, but the friendship is even greater

“Hey Coach!” is how Jack greets Rocco upon his weekly visits as a volunteer with Caregiver Volunteers’ Alzheimer’s Respite Care Program (ARCP).

Jack has been visiting Rocco every Tuesday for the last several months. They greet each other the same way each time, as Coach. The commonalities and connections are endless between the 2 men! Rocco is a retired Physical Education teacher along with a basketball coach. Jack, also a retired physical education teacher, and a track coach for 25 years. Coffee chats weekly about coaching from back in the day is just one of the many hot topics they bond over. “I look forward to seeing Rocco each week, as he brings joy into my life…” Rocco loves to reminisce over his awards and trophies. He has been recognized and inducted into the athletic hall of fame for basketball at the University of New England.

“Great is the victory, but the friendship is even greater”

Emil Zatopek

Jack’s weekly visit gives Elizabeth, Rocco’s wife, some time to step away from the role as caregiver. She enjoys spending her respite time with some neighborhood friends who are all a part of a community bowling league. Sometimes she steps out to get some errands done. And other times, she sits and enjoys chit chatting with Rocco and Jack.

Volunteering with our Alzheimer’s Respite Care program helps nurture a purpose for many individuals. For Jack, he loves to give back to the community as well as loves meeting new people and formulating new relationships. Helping others is one of his passions.

This once-upon-a-time connection has now been converted into a lifelong friendship between the two coaches.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity within our Respite Care program, please call our office at (732) 505-2273. We are always looking for volunteers, just like Jack!

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