Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022


“Like a Good Neighbor Caregivers is There!”

In today’s busy world with packed schedules and endless options, it can be easy to forget to check in with our neighbors. For many seniors trying to age in their homes and remain a part of their community, the loss of neighborliness results in loneliness and isolation. 

Could you help us connect more neighbors? During this giving season, I ask you to consider making a gift to Caregiver Volunteers to help us expand our volunteer base to help vulnerable seniors in our community.

Thank you!

Your support makes a difference, meet…

Photo: Joan, Care Receiver Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey

Joan, Caregiver Receiver

I can’t say enough great things about [Caregivers] and their wonderful volunteers.  I tell everyone I see that [Caregivers] is wonderful,  things are a lot different since the pandemic, but even with the added safety precautions, like wearing masks and staying in the volunteer’s car instead of waiting in the doctor’s office, the wonderful care and compassion that the volunteers provide is exactly the same!

Photo: CVCJ Board Member, Reverent Scott

Father Scott, Pastor St. Joseph’s RCC

Being on the Board of Directors gives me an inside look at what this amazing organization does on a day to day basis and how they are able to provide seniors with the support services that they need. Whether they are looking for volunteers or seniors who are in need, we are proud to be able to work together in harmony for the good of our community.

Photo: Grace, Caregiver Volunteer

Grace, Caregiver Volunteer

Grace has been a Volunteer with Caregivers for the past 12 years providing transportation and food shopping to countless seniors in our community.  She has also been a Whiting Coordinator connecting our volunteers & receivers.  Grace says, “Volunteering with Caregivers has been a blessing to me, being able to help people in various ways means so much. I will continue to spread the word about your great services.