CVCJ Care Receiver: Marie P

Marie and her husband Joseph both dedicated their lives to their faith and the Catholic Church.  Marie planned to enter the convent to become a nun and Joseph planned to enter the priesthood…until they met in 1955.  They married in 1956 after Joseph left the Airforce and remained married for 45 years until Joseph’s death in 2001.

Like many of her generation, Marie never learned to drive.  She relied on Joseph to drive her where she needed to go and he happily obliged.  When he passed away, she found herself in a difficult position.  How would she get to her doctor’s appointments?  When a friend from St. Justin’s Roman Catholic Church suggested she give CVCJ a call, Marie was hesitant but her friend reassured her we were just the help she needed.  Marie picked up the phone that day , called CVCJ and her prayers were answered.

CVCJ has been providing medical transportation for Marie for over 3 years and she couldn’t be more happy & grateful. Marie’s experience has been a “blessing.” Everyone she encountered  from her first phone call to the CVCJ staff to all the volunteers that have been there for her over the last three years have been, ”pleasant, caring and so kind….a true Godsend,” according to Marie.

Marie knows the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community because it was something she dedicated her life to so many years ago.  Marie said it was so difficult changing her life once her husband of 45 years passed away.   But each time she hangs up the phone with CVCJ after calling in her medical appointments, she feels a sense of relief knowing that our volunteers will be there to help her.  Marie thanks God each day for bringing CVCJ and our volunteers into her life.