Volunteer Hero: Maryann O’Grady

Volunteer Hero, Maryann O’Grady has worked with CVCJ for over fourteen years. When she first joined the team, she was surprised to discover she was getting more out of the experience than she thought her care receivers were. That hasn’t changed. She still feels that way today.

“I used to drive this man to his medical appointments and he was really intelligent and friendly,” she said. “Our conversations were inspiring and we talked about all kinds of things. He would remember little details from the stories I told, which always surprised me. He was a lot of fun to be with and by the time I dropped him off, I was charged up and full of energy and wanted to conquer the world!”

Maryann is thankful for her great life. “I had a few knocks,” she said, “but I made the best of it. I don’t get stressed. I’ve learned to have more faith and patience in myself, and to really listen to what people say. I want them to remember me and say: ‘I knew her and she was nice.’”

Maryann loves to travel and California is her favorite place to visit…especially San Francisco. “I’ve been to Italy four times,” she said. “It’s so beautiful and the food in Sicily is delicious. Going back to Italy is the only thing left on my Bucket List. I’ve already done a lot of what I wanted to do.”

Mariann loves Broadway, AC, restaurants, and sipping great wine. Her favorite movies, TV shows, and books are crime dramas–The Godfather, NCIS, Blue Bloods and David Baldacci novels. She has seen Neil Diamond in concert eight times, (and should probably pair up with Volunteer Hero, Marge DeFalco, to see Neil’s next show)!

Maryann shared a few final thoughts about CVCJ. “My care receivers start to feel like family after a while. I get to hear their stories and learn about their lives. I wish their real family members who live close by would take care of them too, but they say they’re ‘busy.’ Some only live an hour away!”

CVCJ thanks you, Maryann, for providing the support and comfort your care receivers can depend on.