Therapy Dogs Needed to Bring Great Joy To Ocean County Seniors

Caregiver Canines® Home Visiting Program Delivers the Warmth and Comfort Only a Dog Can Give

Toms River, NJ (April 18, 2017) If you’re a dog lover, there’s a good chance you’ve traveled through life with a canine companion by your side. Imagine how heartbroken you would be if somewhere down the road, life circumstances left you unable to care for a pet of your own. How much joy would you feel if someone shared the love and warmth of their dog during weekly visits to your home? The Caregiver Canines® program brings Certified Therapy Dogs and their handlers into the homes of the elderly, disabled, veterans and those with dementia to brighten their days and light up their lives.

Caregiver Canines® volunteers and their Certified Therapy Dogs (many of which are rescues) are matched with seniors and scheduled for one-to-one visits in their private homes. This leads to genuine companionship which triggers fond memories, eases loneliness, and improves overall well-being for those who can no longer care for a dog of their own.

“Witnessing the sheer joy on the face of someone we visit is such a moving and meaningful experience. It’s hard to put into words,” said Frank P, who volunteers with his goofy Labrador Retriever, Earl. “When a senior is playing with Earl and giving him belly rubs, there’s a remarkable change in their mood. You can almost see their worries and concerns melt away because all they’re focused on is spending time with Earl. These visits are a really special gift for all of us and Earl and I leave knowing we made a real difference in this person’s day.”

Caregiver Canines® was founded in 2009 as a unique new service offered by Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey, a nonprofit that provides vital assistance to seniors so they can remain independent in their own homes. As demand for Therapy Dog home visits increased, the program experienced significant growth and new Caregiver Canines® chapters were launched nationwide.

“While most Therapy Dog programs visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other group settings,” said Danielle Maley, Caregiver Canines® Program Coordinator, “our Caregiver Canines® visit private homes where the resident receives complete and uninterrupted attention from the Therapy Dog.”

If you and your Certified Therapy Dog would like to join the Caregiver Canines® volunteer team, please call Danielle at 732-505-2273 x202 or email

For more information about the program, visit or Facebook/caregivercanines.


Caregiver Canines® began in 2009 as a service offered through the nonprofit organization, Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey. This unique Therapy Dog Program visits homebound seniors, veterans, the disabled, and those with dementia, right in their own homes. The Therapy Dog and handler teams are all volunteers whose weekly visits bring great joy to those who are lonely and love dogs, but are no longer able to care for a pet. All Caregiver Canines® therapy dog visits are provided free of charge to the recipient. For more information, visit