“Creations from the Heart” – Father’s Day Poem by Estelle


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers
Most Dads love the water
It is a symbol of life
Whether fishing in a row boat
Or swimming at the beach
Nature’s call, the outdoors.

Dads can be scholars
Sports fans, innovators
No matter the job or hobby
Dads are all connected
To their loving families.

Dad’s strength protects us
A shoulder to lean on
To calm the storm
The hand to hold for Mom
When stressed from daily demands.

Fathers add stability
And their own logical reasoning
Complimenting mothers’ tender hearts
Completing the family unit.

Dads we honor you today
Here with us or in heaven’s grace
Relax and enjoy your day
For you truly deserve the praise
From your sons and daughters everywhere.

“Creations from the Heart”