Are You a Curious Person Who Loves to Learn?

Great Listeners and Conversationalists Wanted to Spend Time with Seniors

Toms River, NJ (June 26, 2017)—Everyone has a need to be heard and understood. We all want to share our thoughts and ideas, but there are times when no one’s around to listen.  This is especially true for seniors who find themselves living alone and isolated after losing a spouse or when family members move away. Some of our oldest and wisest residents have brilliant ideas from decades of life experience, but they need someone to share them with. You can be that someone.

Are you a curious person who loves to learn? By volunteering with Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey (CVCJ), you can spend time with a senior, veteran or disabled Ocean or Monmouth County resident and engage in interesting conversations for a first-hand account of living history. You’ll also ease loneliness and isolation, provide something for them to look forward to, and improve their overall well-being.

“In my experience as a CVCJ volunteer, I usually find something surprising I have in common with the Veterans I visit,” Mike S. said. “We talk about our military service and the way things were when we were kids, and really enjoy remembering nostalgia from the old days. I’ll never forget this one guy I visited,” Mike recalled. “He was a WWII veteran and I was able to go online and get him back in touch with his old combat unit. He was so grateful and I felt like I had made a real difference.”

You too can make a significant contribution in the life of a senior. Your visits and conversations will make them feel needed and valued, while you experience an enriching and inspiring adventure.

To volunteer with CVCJ and become a “Friendly Visitor,” please call our office at 732-505-2273 or email For more information about the CVCJ organization and caregiver programs, visit or Facebook/caregivervolunteers.

CVCJ provides vital assistance to seniors, the elderly disabled, veterans, and caregivers of loved ones with chronic illness or dementia, so they can continue living independently in their own homes. All services are free of charge and delivered by 1,200 volunteers to over 2,500 Ocean and Monmouth County residents over the age of 60, who no longer drive. Volunteers provide transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, reassuring phone calls, friendly visits, and relief for family caregivers. The Caregiver Canines® program brings certified comfort dogs to the homes of dog-loving seniors who can no longer care for a pet. To learn more about CVCJ, visit or call 732-505-2273. For Caregiver Canines® program information, go to

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