Photo: Annmarie, our Outreach Manager in Monmouth CountyPassionate, fierce advocate for others, and fun are three words that come to mind when we think about Annmarie, our Outreach Manager in Monmouth County. 

Since opening our doors to assist the vulnerable elderly and caregivers in Monmouth County, Annmarie has led the way by letting this community know about our wonderful services and truly rewarding volunteer opportunities.  Annmarie’s enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help but smile when you are with her.


Fun facts about Annmarie:

♦  In her spare time, you can find Annmarie reading, working with theater groups and watching figure skating.

♦  As the oldest of 3 children, Annmarie is bothered by the injustices she sees around her. She has been working to improve the resources for our homeless population and gets frustrated with the lack of progress for this population.

♦  A perfect afternoon for Annmarie includes a visit to a pretty park, gluten-free pizza and a bag of Swedish Fish.

♦  Her favorite movie “Steel Magnolia’s”, her favorite song is “Down To The River” and her favorite book is “God Winks”

♦  On Annmarie’s bucket list is to learn Spanish – any tutors out there?