Caregiver Canines Therapy Dog Program

Simon and Joel

What is Caregiver Canines?

Caregiver Canines is a unique visiting therapy dog program.  Our team of volunteers and their handlers bring unconditional love and companionship to the people we serve in the comfort of their own home.  So many of our seniors that live alone would love to have a pet, however, they are no longer able to provide proper care for them.

It’s sort of like having grandkids – you get to enjoy the dog visits, but don’t have to clean up after them or take them for walks!

How Caregiver Canines Can Help

The dogs and their handlers are matched with senior citizens at a time and date that is convenient for both parties.  Interactions with dogs are known to reduce stress and loneliness and improve the health and self-esteem of those they visit.

These visits are also beneficial to people with dementia because the dogs can help trigger memories of the past.  This program brings together those who share a mutual love of both dogs and people.

To learn more about our program please visit the Caregiver Canines Website.  LIKE our Facebook Fan Page  Alternatively, you can call 732.505.2273  ext 202 or email